Why You Should STOP Reading and START Doing

What is Neil Patel reading right now?

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0:05 It’s a lot of people say, hey, what do you read, what’s my latest book? And, honestly, I don’t read that often, the last book I read was Principles by Ray Dalio. But if you’re really wondering what I read, yeah, I read the Economist, I read Tech Crunch, I read a lot of Crypto Sites, I read a lot of marketing sites like Search Engine Land, Moz, but here’s the thing.

0:30 I meet all these people all the time, they’re like, oh, I’m at Warren Buffet’s annual meeting and here’s what I’m learning and here are all the books other people are doing and reading and I’m listening to this podcast and I’m learning this. These are all these people, who are, which I call learners. And these learners, all they’re doing is reading and learning and there’s nothing wrong with that, but you know what happens?

0:50 When it comes time to, hey, what’s your business doing? How’s it growing? Oh, you know, this is wrong and this isn’t growing as fast. Why? It’s cause they’re reading all day long and yes, knowledge is priceless and you should get as much knowledge as possible, but actually go and do something.

1:10 Get up, get out of your rear and actually do work. Just because you’re the smartest person in the world, you’re reading everything, doesn’t mean you’re gonna be successful. So instead of just trying to read everything, read something and then take what you’ve read and applied it. That application part, where you’re applying it, is the most important part.

1:25 You can get as much as knowledge as you want in this world from online, audio tapes, books, whatever it may be. But don’t forget to apply the knowledge. I’m tired of hearing people saying, oh, I’m reading this book and this is what I learned. It was funny, I was talking to my buddy, Eric, good friend of mine, we do the podcast Marketing School together and I tell him, I’m like, dude, you do a lot of meetings, you do a lot of networking, you do a lot of books and dinners, but I’m like, you need to execute on your business.

1:50 It’s not gonna grow that fast. You look at one of my businesses, we started a new business. Within eight months, we hit, technically, within seventh months and eight days, we hit over four million dollars in annual revenue. Why? Because my team isn’t just reading. Yes, we have lunch and learns and every Friday we’re reading and learning and educating everyone on the team, but we’re executing.

2:00 Don’t just read, execute. And I know I’m repeating the same thing over and over again, but I bet most of you watch these videos and you’re not executing on anything. And I want you to change that. If you’re struggling to execute, leave a comment below, tell me where you’re struggling and I really wanna help you because I’m tired of people reading and not doing anything with the information that they’re learning.

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