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The 5 trends in content marketing in 2022

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It ends in 2021, it is time to draw up the strategies with which you will give direction to your startup this 2022. Remember that within your strategies, it should always be considered one focused on Content Marketing ( content marketing ). Without it, it will be more difficult to create leads or increase conversions.

Statista points out that Content Marketing has brought in returns of 42 billion dollars each year and this statistic will continue to grow. That is why many companies have made such a strategy a priority, if they do not, they will run the risk of lagging behind.

Planning, creating and distributing valuable and relevant content helps you interact and build a relationship with your target market. It is vital to know who your client is: their problems, behaviors and needs. Through content marketing, you can cultivate a positive customer experience by guiding them through each step of their buying journey.

If you are a startup that is considering implementing a strategy of this type, G2 Consultores, a firm specialized in creating strategies for startups, makes the following recommendations on Content Marketing trends so that 2022 is the year of your company:

1. Create a strategy whose purpose is to retain your customers (not just attract new ones). A content strategy can be very successful if it is of good quality and is executed correctly. Do not think about creating one that has the objective of attracting potential clients; Focus on creating content strategies to retain your current customers, remember that it is less expensive to retain than to attract new consumers. To do this, work on constantly updating your website and develop a pleasant customer experience so that they return to your site.

2. Do not forget to help you with data and artificial intelligence. Take full advantage of technology for data processing, this will facilitate decision-making when generating new content. Don’t sail in the dark. The use of data base is already an obligation, as it helps you obtain a better user experience and a personalized service for your clients. Obviously, you will need to know what your client is looking for, as well as your business operation data, for example what type of blog posts you will make, in which channels you will share it and in what type of formats, this in order to tie your strategies to your needs and interests.

3. Create a podcast. The years 2020 and 2021 were a watershed for brand-client or brand-potential client communication due to the pandemic. Not only was there an increase in the use of digital media, but also in the change of formats. The podcast has functioned as a tool to facilitate educational content; Since they are a great way to share information on a wide range of topics, you can make yourself known as an influencer in the industry you belong to and it works as a good strategy for your content marketing.

Podcast Insights has recorded close to 2 million podcasts and more than 48 million episodes, during 2021. As a content marketing strategist, it will help you share stories and get your products and services noticed in a very subtle way. You can take advantage of your social networks to promote it and these at the same time will help you attract followers. What you cannot translate into text, you can definitely do through a podcast.

4. Optimize your SEO . Consistency in SEO (which stands for Search Engine Optimization ) is essential for content marketing. Content that is unique, creative, and original is registered with search engines faster and ranks higher than repetitive, low-value content. Research from Hubspot claims that users never go past the first page of search results. Potential visitors won’t see your content if it doesn’t appear on the first page. Therefore, optimizing your content is vital. Generate persuasive, useful, valuable content, make it attractive. Try to solve problems for your customers where your product or service can help. Do not forget to use keywords to optimize your content in search engines. Content marketing is SEO friendly and essential for success.

5. Personalize your content more. It’s the core of a great customer experience. In addition, it helps build trust and improve short and long-term return on investment throughout the customer journey, it also helps you improve your brand positioning.

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