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The 10 marketing keys for Christmas

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In the holiday season and Christmas Eve , all commerce is revolutionized; consumers too. Sales, interest in buying and advertising campaigns and marketing actions carried out by companies are increasing.

When November rolls around, merchants start to flip the chip and focus on their Christmas sales strategy. Everything should be ready by the middle of this month to explode the Christmas spirit and attract more buyers.

Marketing this season is an opportunity to expand sales and win new customers. And if you do the right maneuvers, delivering excellent service and offering good products at an attractive price, you can ensure that many of these buyers return and continue to spend on your business.

Do not forget that the Internet is an ideal platform for business and at this time you cannot stop using it. Consumers are looking to buy not only good, nice and cheap, but also quickly. Give them what they ask for.

Here we give you a list of ideas for you to take advantage of this Christmas season making use of your offline and online media. Take note and apply:

1. Offer a delivery discount with every purchase.

2. Start a gift referral club with other like-minded merchants. If a customer is looking for something that you don’t have, send him / her to a friend store that has what they are looking for. The other merchant will return the favor in due course.

3. Use email and send a special offer or discount coupons to your subscriber list.

4. Collaborate with charities. For example, it offers a discount to each person who brings a toy (or clothing or non-perishable food) to give it away in a charity Christmas campaign.

5. For online shoppers, add a button that allows them to make donations. Not only will you attract new customers, but it will give your company good publicity.

6. As you must make sure that everything works well on your website and that everything is up to date, at this time take the opportunity to add a special Christmas section.

Add a gift ideas section / Image:

7. Add a section for gift ideas. Many people need help choosing them. Be sure to post gift certificates and discount coupons.

8. Send your subscriber list a Newsletter with gift ideas.

9. Submit coupons to participate in a free drawing for each coupon redeemed.

10. Of course, nothing attracts customers more than a mix of good products , reasonable prices, and great customer service. Meet those requirements and your customers will stay loyal to your business and even recommend it.

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