SEO Hack! How to Optimize for Google RankBrain (2018)

Learn how to optimize for Google’s machine learning AI.

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Today I’m going to break down what Google RankBrain is and how you can make it work for you. See the thing with Google RankBrain is, when an engineer used to make algorithm changes at Google versus RankBrain which uses machine learning and AI, they found that RankBrain produces 10% more accurate results than the engineer. For that reason, Google is continually improving RankBrain so that way it can adjust the algorithm to maximize what you see as a user.

1:15 RankBrain Hack #1:
With Google RankBrain, they do split testing. Kind of like as a user with your website or a business owner or marketer, you’re split testing your pricing, you’re split testing your design, your conversions. Google is split testing the search results. They’re seeing which version do users prefer, and because of that, they’re looking at user experience.

Are you clicking to a specific result more than others? Are you staying on that website? Are you sticking around for over a minute or two before you click back? Or heck are you not even clicking back because you found what you’re looking for? That’s their ideal thing. They want you to search, click on a result, find what you’re looking for, and not have to go back to the search result and click on a second or third listing. Because of that, you want to make sure your website copy is fine-tuned. Not just the copy on your website or your webpage, because yes that affects how long people are reading, staying, sticking around, but also the copy within your title tag and meta description.

The title tag is what you see when you do a Google Search, same with the meta description. It’s a sentence that describes that webpage people are going to be landing on. So if you’re using keywords like the keyword someone searched for or if you’re using good action words like how to, effortless, easy, simple, what you’ll find is people are much more likely to click through. Same with list-based posts. Whenever you go to a grocery store, and you’re checking out, you see a ton of magazines. A lot of these magazines have how-tos and lists within their titles or on the cover. So when you look at lists like 15 ways to shed 10 pounds in 30 days, you’re like, I have to buy this magazine. The same goes with your title tag. Putting numbers and lists in there is a great way to get more clicks.

3:00 RankBrain Hack #2:
The next tip I have for you to improve your time on site by embedding audio and video. With the website with my blog, you’ll notice on the main blog page you see videos from YouTube, and you see audio files from my podcast. I’m adding it because of course; it’s going to help me generate more views on YouTube and get more listeners to my podcast. But in addition to that, it keeps people on my site longer. The more I keep people on my site; the better user metrics score I have to Google, which helps me rank higher.

4:00 RankBrain Hack #3:
The third tip I have for you is to improve your user experience. RankBrain isn’t about hey here’s your keyword density, here’s a text, here’s how many backlinks you have. They’re trying to go above and beyond to find out you as a user, what you like and what you dislike. Because that’s the ultimate signal. Not how many links point to a site, but instead if you the user find what you’re looking for. So truly focus on your user experience.

5:10 RankBrain Hack #4:
And the last tip I have for you is, don’t stop doing all of these things. If you adjust your text and you get more clicks, don’t stop there. Keep running tests every single month. Most websites, even if they’re authoritative, high domain authority site, they slowly climb up, even the Forbes, the Business Insiders, most sites don’t just pop to the top.

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