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Selling online, key for entrepreneurs at the end of the year?

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It is no secret to anyone that the end of the year is one of the most desired seasons for stores and businesses anywhere in the world, since it represents a time of higher sales and billing, due to the increase in purchases by users to Because of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays.

In fact, in Mexico, it is estimated that during November and December sales increased by 40%, especially in online scenarios, which has led many startups and small businesses to create or improve their e-commerce stores to meet the high demand it’s from the season.

E-commerce is one of the preferred ways of consumers to make purchases easily and quickly, which makes it an efficient tool for the end of the year season where ease is needed to manage any business, a high percentage of sales and present an excellent shopping experience to the customer.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made traditional commerce not as efficient as it was before, so it is necessary to update and look for new alternatives that further promote sales.

But, if an entrepreneur or business is new to the online world, what things should they take into account before creating their e-commerce? I leave you the following recommendations :

  1. Have a logo that demonstrates your brand identity.
  2. For your store to look aesthetic, you must have quality photographs of your products.
  3. Ensure good customer service. Remember that it is more important to create a customer than a sale.
  4. Be clear about the forms of payment and shipping that you are going to offer.
  5. Complement your online store with the social networks of your business to boost sales.

Creating an e-commerce independently in Mexico can be expensive due to the high prices of hiring programmers, developers, among other expenses that can be generated in the maintenance of the web. However, there are platforms in the market like ours, which are in charge of developing online stores from scratch, with all the necessary integrations for the correct management of business, without having arduous knowledge in web development.

According to data from the Mexican Association for Online Sales (AMVO), after the arrival of the pandemic, the use of online shopping applications in Mexico increased by 90%. In addition, 5 out of 10 companies in the country are doubling their growth on the Internet, and two out of 10 register increases of 300% in the volume of online sales.


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