Discovering The Simple 3-Step Attraction Marketing Code The Top 1% Income Earners In Network Marketing Use To Get 100 Leads Per Month With Social Media Plus...
...How They Make Money Even If Their Leads Say No To Their Primary Company
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[ The A.M.P. Method for Attracting Endless Leads & Cash Flow... ]
If you’re looking to rank up in your network marketing company, get consistent leads, attract business builders, sell more of your inventory quickly, without harassing friends and family, without hunting people down at malls and grocery stores, without cold calling or hanging out on social media all day...
...then I'd like to introduce you to the A.M.P. Method... currently being used by the top 1% of income earners in Network Marketing who are running 6 and 7-figure businesses creating passive income, generating endless leads, and gaining the respect and admiration of their peers.
The A.M.P. Method has "3 Core Codes" for leveraging the Internet to create a massive down line, and achieve freedom, and those codes are: "Attract, Engage, Convert". These codes will work almost scientifically to make you "Magnetic" to your perfect recruits and buyers.

Let’s start with How to
ATTRACT Your Target Audience - this is the foundation of every single top income earner in network marketing & the home based business industry .
How to Leverage Attraction Marketing
To Build A Massive Target Audience Of People...
...Who Are Already Looking To Buy Your Products & Join Your Business On 100% Autopilot.
Attracting Your Audience: is the first step to becoming a 6-figure network marketer in our modern economy. "Attraction Marketing" is the sweet science of becoming magnetic to your target market & attracting people to your business opportunity, who already want to join YOU. If you get this right, you go from being "the hunter" of new distributors to "the hunted" by new distributors.
We break attracting your audience into three main codes:
  • Attraction Marketing
  • Target Market
  • List Building
When these 3 codes are not dialed in to your network marketing, you'll experience friction with recruiting. You'll have to sell, persuade, and convince people to join your company.
1. Attraction Marketing: is a method that leverages a set of codes and principles that allow you to attract people to your business who are already looking to join or buy.
2. Target Market: is a specific niche of people that share your values, and is based on very specific criteria that will allow you to sell your products and services or recruit people into your business who are already looking to join.
3. List Building: In network marketing, your list is your real business, not your product or service. This is a permission based list that you build leveraging attraction marketing that allows you to position yourself in front of people who are already looking for you.

"Working with him has been a great experience. After I started working with Brandon I can see the potential, how much value he provides. I really believe he goes above and beyond what he offers, it's really been a great experience. It's all really been great mentoring and coaching, so I really recommend you to work with Brandon! You're really gonna be impressed with the value that he will provide for your business".
Leo Callejas
How to Turn Complete Strangers Into Hungry
"Ready-To-Buy" Customers & Distributors...
...Leveraging The Power of Cutting-Edge Technology &
Engaging Your Audience: is all about leveraging social media to create a clear point of difference between you and the thousands of other distributors in your Network Marketing Opportunity.

When we think about Engage, we are talking about three things:
  • Creating Your Own Brand
  • Skill Specialization
  • Category of One Positioning
Think about your brand and yourself as a corporation - YOU, INC. People are attracted to brands, not sales people.
The YOU, INC. brand is the key to building a long-term business that you'll always own. People join people in network marketing, not companies. People work with people they know, like and trust. YOU, INC. allows you to eliminate competition by promoting value that will cause people to reach out to you and want to work with you. You become the selling point, not the products or services. YOU, INC. is about ownership, so this is just another asset you own for the rest of time.
1. Creating Your Own Brand: is all about uncovering a need in your network marketing niche & then branding yourself as a person who provides solutions to solve that problem.
2. Skill Specialization: is picking a skill that serves your target market. You become branded for providing solutions, which creates attraction. People in network marketing want to join leaders. Your skill increases your profit-potential & positions you as an authority in the network marketing industry.
3. Category Of One Positioning: is all about perception. It’s about being perceived as the only option that can solve your prospect's problems. This is what will separate you from other network marketers and eliminate the competition. It's about positioning yourself & your network marketing business into a solution instead of just a business opportunity.
Back when I started working with Brandon it helped me a lot and I learned a lot from him. Regarding how to sell people and how to sell my services, how do I position myself and how do I gain the necessary traffic so that I get a regular flow of clients. If you're someone who needs help in your business, I highly recommend you to work with Brandon. He's got a lot of experience in the industry and he's very knowledgeable about what he's doing.
Steffen Rachut
How To Recruit "Friction Free" & Make Money Even If Your Leads Don't Join Your Primary Company...
...Leveraging The Power Of The A.M.P Method Like The Top Income Earners in Network Marketing
Converting Your Audience: is all about becoming more valuable to your prospects & to your industry. Multiple Revenue Streams also allow you to serve people (even if they never join your company), and you use your cash-flow to fund your marketing. So it’s a win-win for you and your prospects.

When we think about Convert, we are talking about three things:

  • Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Creating Your Own Products
Generating cash-flow for your business is key to building a long-lasting business that you will always own. People who say "no" to your network marketing company aren't necessarily saying "no" to entrepreneurship.

1. Multiple Revenue Streams: allow you the ability to really serve your prospects based on their needs.
Statistically speaking, 97% of people will say no to your primary company. If your goal is to serve them (and not just make money off of them), then it is to your advantage to have additional resources to provide to the prospects you're already going to be spending time and resources prospecting.
2. Affiliate Marketing: is finding a product or a service that helps people to upgrade their mindsets and sets them up for success. You don't have to do the teaching yourself, but rather, you find someone who is already a leader in the particular field that will do all the teaching and you earn a commission for referring others to the trainings.

3. Creating Your Own Products: is all about learning a skill and then teaching that skill. You want to have a product that benefits people who are directly in your business as well as your cross line or even your up line.

"I recently had some consulting and coaching with Brandon Brown and I just want to highly recommend him to you. He taught me so many things. I made a $3250 commission within days of learning one strategy from him, I highly recommend him."
Karen Mckeigen
How to Monetize Your Audience Building A Massive Down Line In Your Network Marketing Business & Create Duplication
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The first thing that happens when the Magnetic Effect starts to take over... you realize how much wealth is available in your existing audience...
...and as you unlock your ability to truly serve your prospects, you start to release that built-up “energy”.
I was having issues building my online audience. After leveraging the A.M.P. Method, I was able to hit $19K within the first few months and ended up having my first 6-figure year!
I was struggling with how to grow and scale my online business, and after leveraging the A.M.P. Method, I went from a team of 0 to 50 and earned over $16K within just 10 weeks!
When you start using A.M.P. you become magnetic & you no longer have to experience stress and rejection when it comes to building your Network Marketing Business.

You'll be able to attract business builders, and sell more products with speed, ease and pleasure.
Becoming magnetic is crucial in our modern Network Marketing & home based business economy because it will allow you to cut through the noise, eliminate competition and put yourself in a category of ONE.
Today is the day you end your Network Marketing and home based business struggles forever, leveraging...
...the Attract, Engage & Convert Codes for attracting endless leads for your business and having the power to make money from them even if they say no to your...
Primary Business Opportunity.
Read what Giamo Anzlone has to say about this...
"Brandon has been an absolutely great teacher and mentor. And I believe that what we've learned as a company from him in the past few weeks is absolutely fundamental to our success in 2017. Working with him has been great and he always makes sure that we have full grasp of what he's teaching from week to week. Two thumbs up!"
Giamo Anzalone
When This Happens, A.M.P. Starts Taking Over
Attraction is not optional.
The concept of attraction marketing was introduced to the Network Marketing industry in the early 2000's by
Mike Dillard as an alternative to cold calling, harassing friends and family or chasing people around malls to join a Network Marketing business.
Attraction Marketing, for the first time in Network Marketing history, gave home based business owners (who had no network... no connections.. and no real influence) a chance to build a business leveraging Social Media.
When you leverage the A.M.P. Method to create "attraction" in your business and you put the right message in front of the right audience, you literally become magnetic, and irresistible, and your prospects have no other option than to be attracted to your home based business.
This Attraction Marketing + A.M.P. Method done right, allows you to accomplish these three things:

You'll have a permission based email list, to whom you can market your network marketing opportunity on 100% autopilot. This means no more cold calling, no more harrassing friends and family members, no more chasing people around malls, and no more rejection. Finally you can build your business and feel confident .

You'll have mulptiple streams of income (MSIs) which means you'll be able to make money from your prospects whether they join your Network Marketing company or not. Every single 6-figure, 7-figure, and 8-figure earner has MSIs. Once your team gets burned out from from doing old school network marketing strategies, they will go and find a leader to help them with social media. Why not be the source that helps them vs. having them leave your team to work with someone who has the strategies already.

You'll have a personal brand that you own. Entrepreneurship is all about OWNERSHIP. One of the most heartbreaking things in the Network Marketing industry is when a rep ONLY promotes their company & doesn't establish a personal brand. If the company ever goes under (which they do sometimes), or if you ever decide to change companies (which most people do sometimes) you have not established any credibility. Your brand is one of your biggest assets - it's something that you own, and can be passed down through your family for generations to come.

In truth, these are the three core benefits for moving away from the traditional MLM model, and moving into the highly leveraged attraction marketing business model. 97% of Network Marketers quit their business opportunity because they are not positioned to win.
And if you implement all the things above, you'll put yourself in a category of one - and you'll be among the top producers in the Network Marketing industry. This is not a hypothesis, this has been proven for many years now.

You can review the case studies below.
If you're looking for transformation, and want to really make your Network Marketing company produce consistent results, then you must follow these steps to the tee. We all know where the the old school model of recruiting and Network Marketing leads to. Today you can change the course of your entire future in the Network Marketing business.
Your First Day As An A.M.P. Student
...Take A Virtual Tour Around The Back Office
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When You Implement The A.M.P. Method With Your Network Marketing Business You Literally Have The Power of Friction Free Recruiting

Just ask Bree Addison

Bree enrolled in course after course trying to learn how to get people to pay attention to what she had to say, but was not seeing any results. Within just 5 weeks of using the A.M.P. Method, Bree was able to better serve the needs of her clients and make over $5K!
Each student that gave a testimonial on this page was exactly where you are today. They were sick & tired of "Old School", out-dated methods of Network Marketing & decided to reclaim their lifestyle & time freedom...
Each of my students has products & services that help their prospects enhance their lives.

Each of them committed to mastering the
A.M.P. Method to become magnetic to their market.
I have helped thousands of home based business owners learn attraction marketing and these principles are time-tested.
When you master the A.M.P. Method you will be able to go from begging people to join your Network Marketing business, to having so many leads and people craving to join your business, that you will have the ability to actually turn prospects away.
If you want these results in your Network Marketing business, now is the time to take massive action.
Today, it is time to learn how to attract an audience, and start making money from your leads, whether they join you or not.
Today, it is time to learn REAL marketing principles, so that you can set your family up for life.
Today, it is time for you to get the skills you need to help the people who joined you and have placed their future in your hands.
If you truly want change, then I want to help you implement the A.M.P. Method in your business today.
There Are 3 Types Of Entrepreneurs
That A.M.P. Transforms...
Entrepreneurs who are Network Marketers & are looking to grow their down line, distributor base or want to rank up quickly.
Entrepreneurs who are Affiliate Marketers & want to get more sign-ups, sell more products, and hit their leaderboards quickly.
Entrepreneurs who are coaches, consultants, and trainers who want to learn cutting-edge Social Media strategies to get new clients.
(Right now, If you don't currently have a business model, A.M.P. is accepting new affiliates to share our amazing product line.
A.M.P. has built a team of experienced entrepreneurs who can help you implement the A.M.P. Method for your home based business.
You're Literally Steps Away From Having Your Big Breakthrough.
This means that no matter what level you start out at, we have over 40 different training courses, Weekly Live training, and 1-on-1 Coaching
Regardless Of What Level You Are In Your Business...We Can Serve You
So, if you want to explore implementing the A.M.P. Method with the help of me and my team…
...click the red button below to get your hands on some of the most cutting-edge marketing strategies in the world for building your Network Marketing business.
I'm looking for consistent results online and I have finally found it
I was having a hard time with my communication with people, and building quality relationships online. Within just one week of implementing the A.M.P. Method, I was able to make $500!
I wanted a way to make a better life for my family
I wanted to make a better life for my family. By using the A.M.P. Method, I was able to quit my $70K corporate job and work full time online!
Learning how to define my customer has helped my success...
I've been in Network Marketing for years now and I've never seen training like this. I had no clue how to profile a customer or what an itchy buyer was. I’ve learned how to target audiences that are already looking for what I have to offer. I have made more money in a month than I did any year in my other network marketing business.
Struggling from converting clients, I now make money consistently
I was struggling as a Network Marketer with trying to move conversations forward and convert clients. After 35 days of using the A.M.P. Method, I went from making no money online to bringing in $3K!
I learned what it means for people to like, know and trust me
I was a face-to-face salesman and that was the method that I used to. I learned to develop the skills that were necessary to attract people to me instead of me going to them. I learned that people have to like, know and trust you before they would buy from you.
People started paying attention to what I had to say
I went from paying for course after course to help me learn how to get people to pay attention to me, but I wasn’t seeing the results. Within just 5 weeks of using the A.M.P. Method I was able to better serve the needs of my clients and make over $5K!
Attraction Marketing has been the key to helping me generate money in my online businesses
Within just 9 weeks of following the strategies and the attraction marketing blueprint, I have been able to become more magnetic. Three of our online business have generated well over $20K in profits.
Understanding how people get results
Within just 9 weeks of following the strategies and the attraction marketing blueprint, I have been able to become more magnetic. Three of our online business have generated well over $20K in profits.
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