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New Year’s Eve is coming! Use these keys to do Christmas marketing and sell more in December

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The Christmas season has already started. Shopping centers and department stores are covered with giant trees decorated with spheres and series of thousands of little lights. The pavilions are adorned with beautiful poinsettias, and the colors red and green have taken over the landscape. December is a time of giving and meeting with family and friends; but also bonuses, gifts and commitments.

In most businesses, the last months of the year are the ones that generate the most sales. For what is this? On the one hand, because the desire to buy and the economic resources of consumers increase at this time; and on the other, companies intensify their marketing actions and advertising campaigns to win new customers and retain current ones.

Any entrepreneur must know how to take advantage of the emotion and the flow of money that these dates produce, either to launch a product or to reinforce the positioning of the brand. That’s why we share with you some effective and low-cost marketing strategies that will help you make your customers feel special and be loyal to your company:

Create a Christmas atmosphere

The most important thing is to excite consumers with the spirit of Christmas. Adapt your decoration, and even, the image of your brand (such as your logo or your slogan) to the typical themes and characters of the season. A good option is to add some characteristic smell to your stores or branches, such as pine or hay, or put a badge on your employees’ uniforms or maybe change them to red or green. Also, we recommend decorating your office with a Christmas tree and lights: it will increase the motivation of your employees and delight your customers.

Give special gifts

Make small decorated boxes or bags in which you include items such as soaps, sweets and chocolates, or samples of your products; Thus, you will be able to publicize your offer in a personalized way. It is necessary that you define dates and conditions to give these gifts and that you let your customers know them, however we recommend that you give them to all your buyers. Depending on the type of your business, you should offer gifts for different types of people, such as one for women, children, men, among others.

Inside the package includes a note (where you can put the name of the person) thanking him for his purchase and inviting him to visit you again, with phrases such as “you are part of us” or “happy holidays wishes you …”, as well as the possibility to wrap their gifts with Christmas motifs.

Offer discounts and promotions

Although consumers are looking to spend this season, they will always be seduced by discounts and offers that help them save and provide them with extra value. In addition to reducing your prices, you can give discount coupons for your next purchase or make exchanges with other companies in different sectors and offer your customers promotions to consume with them, and vice versa.

Note: It is important that you allow different payment methods and offer, for example, months without interest or online purchases. They will always appreciate that you facilitate the purchase.

Do social responsibility

During this time, people are more willing to give money to charities and companies that carry out some type of social work have a very good image. Donate part of your profits to a foundation of your choice and let your customers know by inviting them to make contributions at your counter or online store.

You can also collect items such as clothing and toys and give special discounts to consumers who contribute merchandise. Remember that it is a “time to give” and that people are very aware of this and like you to do your bit.

Motivate your employees

Direct marketing, that is, face-to-face, is the most effective for this season, so the main thing for your customers to feel special is to provide them with the best possible service . For this, it is necessary that your team is trained and motivated to always give good service. Design an incentive and bonus plan, days off or a Christmas meal that will encourage them to work better.

Finally, make all your employees feel the spirit of the time and always say goodbye to buyers with a smile and a “happy holidays”.

Take advantage of online marketing

This is one of the best and lowest cost strategies. You can send a newsletter to your customers with the promotions of the month, gift tips for their family and friends, as well as thanks for their purchases and their loyalty throughout the year. Also, send an email or an electronic postcard to your suppliers, partners and collaborators wishing them happy holidays.

Do not forget to use your social networks to promote yourself and be close to consumers these days

How to run an emotional campaign

There are some recommendations that, according to the experts, can help you perfect your strategy during these end of the year holidays and harness the power of emotions to consolidate your brand. Pay attention:

– The first thing is to determine both the personality, as well as the needs and desires of your potential clients, to know who you will deal with and how you should do it.
– Then, make a list of those emotions that your customers could relate to your brand. Use and enhance them in all your advertising products.
– The next step is to determine what your objectives are, what are you looking for with your campaign: more buyers? or position your brand in the market? This will allow you to devise a communication strategy using a series of words according to the chosen emotions.

There are many brands that over the years have been able to take advantage of Christmas emotional marketing to sell more and consolidate their presence in the market. For example, the famous coffee chain Starbucks decorates its stores, changes the design of its glasses and packaging and offers seasonal products such as its “Toffee Nut Latte” drink with the intention of creating a unique experience for its customers.

And you, what Christmas marketing campaign do you remember?

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