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How to use QR codes for your business.

QR codes have become hugely adopted and used since 2020. Now that people are used to using QR codes and appreciate them, you need to take advantage of this and integrate them into your marketing campaigns! Here are 5 tips on how to do that…

1 – Determine where you want the QR code to send people.

2 – Create a trackable URL. One way to do this quickly is to add a simple REF code to the end of your URL. To do this, simply add “?ref=” followed by whatever you feel will help you clearly identify the campaign. For example, our website is, so if I created a QR code for a TV commercial I might create a URL with a ref code at the end like this: Then, whenever someone uses that QR code, it would take them to with that ref code included in the URL.

3 – Once your trackable URL is created, generate your QR code based on that URL. You can find free QR code generators everywhere, just search Google.

4 – Add the QR code to your ad or marketing materials.

5 – By using the trackable URL discussed in tip 2, you will now be able to track the performance of your QR code in analytics. You’ll be able to see things like how many people used it and visited that URL, if they converted, what pages they visited, how long they stayed on your website and more. This makes tracking the performance of your QR codes, print campaigns, brand campaigns, and more much more effective!

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