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How to Rank High On Google for Your Best Keyword

How to Rank High On Google for Your Best Keyword –

1 – Pick just 1 keyword phrase to focus on
Do keyword research to determine the exact phrase. Start typing into the Google search bar to see what Google suggests via the auto-fill dropdown. Those are the post popular phrases people search, so pick one of those. TIP: put an underscore in front of your keyword to see phrases that include your keyword but don’t necessarily start with your keyword.

Power Tip – It’s best to pick a longer phrase that includes your keyword within it. This way, you rank faster for the longer phrase while still working toward ranking higher for the shorter phrase. Example: “best email marketing strategy” is a long phrase that includes the term “email marketing” within it. The longer phrase is less competitive so you will rank higher sooner for that, while still putting work toward ranking higher for the shorter phrase “email marketing”.

2 – Optimize your homepage for your best keyword phrase
It’s very important to optimize your homepage for your best keyword phrase. Your homepage is your most powerful page in Google’s eyes because it’s at the very top of your site architecture. It’s essentially the CEO of your website. Include your keyword phrase in your homepage; title tag, meta description, main heading (H1), at least 1 sub-heading, and in your page content at least once (but can be more as long as it’s natural and not forced).

3 – Link your keyword phrase throughout your site to your homepage
Linkings in your website to other pages are like votes for that page. Almost all pages link to your homepage, which is partly why it’s most powerful. So comb through your site and find or add your best keyword phrase where it makes the most natural sense, then link that word to your homepage. You don’t need to overdo this, but if you can link at least 10 pages to your homepage that would be great. Your blog is always a good place to find these opportunities. The footer is also another good spot to add your keyword phrase and link it to your homepage.

4 – Create ongoing content that includes your keyword phrase
On at least a monthly basis (but the more the better) create fresh content for your website (a blog is a good way to do this) which includes your best keyword phrase within it naturally. This shows Google your site is continually relevant for this phrase. Remember to link the keyword phrase in your article to your homepage!

5 – Add/update content on your homepage at least monthly
Keep your homepage fresh by adding or updating the content at least monthly. Google likes to keep its highest ranking sites the most new and relevant sites. So by updating your homepage once a month you stay current in Google’s eyes. Adding content can be as easy and updating a few featured articles that link to your blog.

Bonus tip – Track your performance with a platform like Marketing 360! Once you rank high for your best keyword, start to focus on the next keyword! But build a specific page for it. Your homepage is only for your very best keyword phrase.

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