Attraction Marketing Pro Is The Home-Based Business Industry's Premier Sales & Marketing Training System Designed To Help Home-Based Business Owners Recruit More People With 100% Free Social Media Marketing.

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What is it?

A.M.P is a comprehensive system designed to help home-based business owners get consistent leads, rank up, recruit massive downlines and leverage the power of 100% free social media marketing.

Who is it for?

A.M.P is for people who are looking for a systematic way to grow their home-based business without making a list of friends & family, cold calling, or going to malls and coffee shops to sell products and grow their teams.

Where does it happen?

The A.M.P course is online and consists of training videos, tools, templates, live Q&A calls and a Facebook community. You complete it online, in your own time.

How Does It Work?

A.M.P students get to build their skill set using a range of products from the library that covers figuring out their customer avatar, leveraging free social media strategies, to becoming magnetic to their perfect buyers and recruits.

When does this start?

Your A.M.P education starts the minute you register for your account, select your program, and walk through the training. You'll have lifetime access to our training modules.

Why was it created?

The A.M.P was created to help home-based businesses who are facing rejection, and for business owners who don't currently have the skills to hit their company's top rank.

Student Testimonals

Attraction Marketing Pro Has Helped Thousands of home-based business owners in over 30 Countries. Listen to what a few of Brandon's students say:

Here's how it works
Competition in the home-based business is at an all time high. Below are 4 things we have found that separate those who struggle as home-based business owners from those that build with speed, ease, and pleasure.

Proven Process

The days of relying on guesswork are over. Attraction Marketing Pro is going to hand you proven principles and strategies for using 100% free marketing to rank up and attract business builders without getting rejected.

Mental Reprogramming

Our mission is to transform your mind and show you how to recharge your mindset, your confidence, and your outlook on the home-based business industry. Our goal is to teach you the mental frameworks you need to be successful.

High Vibe Community

We believe in honesty, integrity, and collaboration over competition. Inside of our high vibe private Facebook community you will form life long relationships with people all around the world. This is going to be a game-changer.

Expert mentorship

Even top earners have coaches. The training programs inside of Attraction Marketing Pro are the best in the home-based business industry. But to give you that extra layer of certainty, each week you'll have 6 & 7-Figure Mentors who can help with your business.
Attraction Marketing Pro
  • Attraction Marketing Master Class
  • ​Customer Avatar Class
Attraction Marketing Pro
  • All Silver Features
  • ​Facebook Lifestyle Branding
  • ​Profiling Itchy Buyers
  • ​5K Friends In 60 Days
  • ​​How To Get 5-10 Appointments Per Day
  • ​How To Create An Attraction Marketing Post
  • ​Facebook And Instagram Stories for Recruiting
Attraction Marketing Pro
  • All Silver Level Features
  • ​All Gold Level Features
  • ​FB Live Launch Formula Blueprint
  • ​Buyers Rush Blueprint
  • ​Micro-Celebrity Blueprint
  • ​Feed Your Following
  • ​F​B Live Facebook Ads Formula
  • ​F​B Live Conversations To Conversions
  • All Silver Level Features
  • ​All Gold Level Features
  • ​All Titanium Level Features
  • ​Facebook Group Recruiting Big Picture
  • ​Facebook Group Optimization Strategy
  • ​Likes Campaign Strategy
  • ​Facebook Group Funnel
  • All Silver Level Features
  • ​All Gold Level Features
  • ​All Titanium Level Features
  • ​All Platinum Level Features
  • ​Social Media Agency Set Up
  • Structuring 10K Deals
  • ​Your Signature Program
  • ​Presentations That Pay
  • ​Local Lead Accelerator
  • ​LinkedIn Marketing
  • ​​Outsourcing Secrets
  • ​Facebook Ads For Small Business
  • ​Cold Calling
  • ​Dream 100
  • All Silver Level Features
  • ​All Gold Level Features
  • ​All Titanium Level Features
  • ​All Platinum Level Features
  • ​4-Part Video Series Funnel
  • ​Lead Capture Page
  • ​Auto-Responder Set Up
  • ​Content Creation Machine
  • ​Team Membership Site
  • ​​Virtual Party Blueprint
  • ​A.M.P. Strategy Session Funnel
  • All Silver Level Features
  • ​All Gold Level Features
  • ​All Titanium Level Features
  • ​All Platinum Level Features
  • ​All Diamond Level Features
  • ​All A.M.P Level Features
  • ​High Ticket 7-Figure Plan
  • ​High Ticket Sales Funnel Systems
  • ​High Ticket Sales Funnel Core Product
  • ​High Ticket Sales Funnel Strategy Session
  • ​High Ticket Sales Funnel Sales Team
  • ​​Niche Psychology
One Call Closer System
  • One Call Closer Big Picture
  • ​One Call Closer Buying Triggers
  • ​One Call Closer Script
  • ​Objection Handling
  • ​Automated Calendar
  • ​One Call Closer Sales Funnel
Brandon Brown
My passion is helping people transition out of the 9-5 grind, create a lifestyle by design and time freedom leveraging the power of cutting-edge technology.

Bar None, the One Call Closer System is for you regardless of if you're brand new to the home-based business or you are a seasoned vet.

If you are finally looking to get your hands on a skill set that will radically change your life and create a seismic shift in your profit-potential forever, I consider it my goal to help you with all of those things.
Meet Your Inner Circle Coaches
As a Student of the Attraction Marketing Pro Inner Circle, You'll Get an Opportunity to Work Directly with 4 Different Coaches Designed to Help You with Everything from Confidence, Closing, Recruiting, Business Building, & Social Media. Meet Your New Coaches Below. These Coaches are All Personal Students Of Brandon's.
Meet Jenn Hildebrandt
Has your upline abandoned you? Do you feel like your upline just doesn't have the answers for you? Do you feel stagnant & stuck?

Today all that ends!

Each week Jenn Hildebrant, a multiple 6-figure earner, is going to host a live Q&A teaching + business hot seat to help you grow a massive business.

Jenn Hildebrant is currently in Network Marketing & she is at the top of her company compensation plan.

Each week you will get to listen in on Jenn coaching a home-based business owner on everything from presentation, recruiting, systems, and selling products. You'll have an opportunity to submit your questions also or ask them live on the call.

Plus Much Much More...

Meet Brandon Brown
Ever feel sales-y, or spammy, or desperate when talking to prospects about your home-based business?

Is your sales process flimsy? Is your sales process inconsistent? Is your sales process BROKEN?

The truth is - you're not good or bad at sales. You're either trained or untrained. That's the cold, hard reality. Lucky for you, Brandon is going to teach you the One Call Closer SYSTEM for...

...Ranking up fast, going on massive recruiting sprees, and creating astronomical success in a short period of time LIVE every single week for 60-minutes.

The One Call Closer Live is going to be an absolute game changer for your business.
Meet Coach Rachel Byrd
Do you struggle with confidence? Don't worry, we have you covered. Each week you'll meet LIVE with our official Confidence Coach extraordinaire Rachel Byrd .

Each week, Rachel is going to help you cultivate your confidence and break down a powerful lesson out of a business book to help you transform your life and business.

This class is held live each and every week - chalked with so much ultra powerful insights for stepping boldly into your power as a modern home-based business owner.

After these sessions, you'll emerge with a higher level of confidence, clarity, and courage to take on your home-based like a champion.
Conversations To Calls
Meet Coach Brandon Brown
One of the fastest ways I ranked up in my Network Marketing Business was learning the art & science of how to turn conversations into calls and appointments.

Having a scientific way to consistently book calls with interested people on social media is the key to ranking up quickly.

Each week, Brandon will review conversations inside your inbox and give you tips, strategies, and methods for booking calls with potential recruits and people who want to buy your products.

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What is the course tuition?

The tuition for our Attraction Marketing Pro course ranges from $25 to $5000.

How many hours per week will I need to invest into learning?

The commitment required for this course is 1-2 hours per week.

Do you have split pay options?

NO! right now do we not offer split payment.

Do I really need to fill out an application?

YES! Our coaching program is application only, You must go through one of our licensed rights attraction marketing pro members.

Do you have financing options?

YES! We have several ways we help you get financing (options may depend on your credit).

What is your refund policy?

Once you login into the membership there are no refunds & returns. Part of the reason why we require applications is to make sure our program is the right fit for you.

Do I need sales experience?

No! Absolutely not, in fact, all of the Attraction Marketing Pro courses are designed to help you get the skills you need to build your business.

Do I need any experience to be successful?

Absolutely Not! The only thing you need to be successful is hard work, dedication, and to learn the skills I will teach in our program. Results are not guaranteed, because they are based on your efforts.
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