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7 Reasons Why a Customer Centric Approach is Good for Your Business

Smart businesses know that growth comes from offering an unparalleled customer experience. Even the greatest marketing campaign in the world won’t save a business that isn’t truly focused on their customer.

Enter the customer centric business model!

The American Marketing Association identified the 7 pillars of a customer centric business model as follows:

Pillar #1 – Experience
Build customer service strategies not to mitigate loss, but to encourage growth

Pillar #2 – Loyalty
Create goals around loyalty and measure your decisions against that

Pillar #3 – Communication
Personalize your communication. Customers are not just a number

Pillar #4 – Product & Service Assortment
Offer what your customers need, not what you think they want

Pillar #5 – Promotions
Don’t forget about current customers when you’re marketing!

Pillar #6 – Pricing
You don’t always need to compete on price, but you ALWAYS need to compete on value

Pillar #7 – Feedback
Customer Centric companies seek feedback – both good and bad

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